JE SERVICES Painting & More..

Here you will find the solution to many problems that for lack of time or knowledge you can not solve for yourself, but we (JE Services) can do it for you. Our team has great knowledge in what is the renovation area and much more. We have more than 12 years of experience and our only commitment is that all our clients feel happy with the work we have done.

We can help you choose the perfect color when you are selling, renting or remodeling your home, apartment, office or business, just get in touch with us and we will gladly provide the necessary help to carry out the project you have in mind, regardless of whether it is big or small.

I can imagine that you have many questions like:

  • This company will be good?
  • Will they be professionals in what they do?
  • Should I trust them?
  • Will I be happy when they finish the job?
  • Will they charge me the fair price?


You could go on and on ... but let me tell you something when it comes to hiring someone, you just have to keep these questions in mind ...

1- Who are they or what do they do? Always try to find a company that knows and has experience in the subject that is being treated. Example: if you are going to change a toile, do not look for an electrician.

2- Is a company solid or is it just someone who is learning the trade? From the first contact you have with the company you can notice if they are responsible and not an apprentice who is looking to earn a few extra dollars.

3- Do they know what they are doing? Unfortunately, in today's world to anyone who you ask whether or not you can do something, the answer will always be "Yes, I can do it, I'm an expert in that ..." but a photo can say more than a thousand words, Please check Our Gallery.

4- What is the fair price of what I want to do? Anyone who is going to hire someone, always looking for the cheapest, but I want to make clear something "cheap always comes out more expensive" To know what is the best price, this is the best way.

Look for three companies, either by reference of a friend or from the Internet, preferably a local company. At each of these, ask for a quote for exactly the same amount of work. Of the 3 results, choose the price that is in between, never choose the lowest or the highest one


Company: (A) $500

Company: (B) $460

Company: (C) $300

The correct price to choose would be opcion (B). Because the opcion (A) is very high and it will possibly be someone who will get help from the opcion (B) or opcion (C) to do the work and at the end of the day earnning between 25% or 40% of the amount paid without getting their hands dirty, just for being intermediary.

On the other hand, the ipcion (C) there is a 75% chance that it is someone who will not do the job well because the price indicates that they will use cheap materials or possibly do not have enough experience for which it's the price is so low.

On the other hand, the B gave you a fair price, neither very high or to low. This has a high percentage that the person knows about the business and They are not guessing. Another thing when hiring someone, always try to write everything down, since it is always good to have everything clear either with a contract or simply a sheet that has a detailed description of the work that will be done and the price that will be paid.

Something that is very important is also asking for reference about jobs that the company has done previously. this could be before and after photos or comments from other clients, etc ...If you need a Quote, we invite you to Contact Us by phone or send us an email.